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Get in touch with Pearls of Service Foundation, Inc. to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Ivy League Applications should be mailed to :

Ivy League c/o Krishna Lott
PO Box 172007
Memphis, TN 38187

Have a question or need more information? 

Thanks for submitting!

Contact Pearls of Service Foundation, Inc.

Board of Directors

Antionette Holman


Kimberly Johnson

Assistant Secretary

Janice Gray


Aleasa Rankin


Emily Barbee

Financial Secretary

Sheena Reed Christy


LaQuita Benjamin

Assistant Treasurer

Tequillia Penny Leaks

Assistant Financial Secretary

At Large Directors

Edwyna Bonner

Trina Brown Hyman

Tiffany Burton

Kemmashela Conner

Leslie Daniel

Markita Jack

Dansherryl Knapp

Kyndall Lewis

Katrinna Matthews

Carmen Patton

Ex Officio Members

Sheena Reed Christy, Incorporator
Toni Franklin, Incorporator
Phyllis Jones, Incorporator
Jackie Mayo, Incorporator
Aleasa R. Rankin, Incorporator
Cheryl Walton, Incorporator

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